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Kim Kardashian's latest post accused of Photoshop fail

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Kim Kardashian's latest Instagram picture includes what appears to be a pretty big Photoshop fail.

The reality star disabled comments on the post after it was spotted by fans.
She posted the picture in support of the March For Our Lives rally, a gun reform protest attended by Kim and husband Kanye as well as baby North.
It's not the first time a celebrity, or even a Kardashian, has suffered with a bad edit on one of their pictures.
If you're still scrambling around for clues as to what's gone wrong in the above picture, take a look at the curvy lines on the floor to Kim's left.
And how could you miss the car in the background which looks like it's been through a crusher?
Comments were disabled after fans began claiming it was edited.
The Kardashians have been accused of presenting doctored pictures on Instagram before - but the signs are usually harder to spot than in Kim's latest post.
Khloe Kardashian's waist attracted some attention for looking a little strange where her leggings and torso meet in this picture.

Her sister Kylie Jenner's jean pockets and belt loops in this picture also made fans suspicious that some picture editing had gone on.

People claimed they look a little stretched.
It's not just pictures of themselves they've been accused of changing either.
People think Kris Jenner smoothed out Gordon Ramsay's face in this snap from a few years ago.
Celebrities aren't the only ones to fall foul though.
Vanity Fair made headlines at the beginning of the year for giving a few prominent faces some extra limbs.

Check out Reese Witherspoon's third leg.
That example proved quite funny, but model Emily Ratajkowski found it less so when her boobs and lips were Photoshopped on a magazine cover.

"I hope the fashion industry will finally learn to stop trying to stifle the things that make us unique and instead begin to celebrate individuality," she wrote.

Actor Jameela Jamil recently told Newsbeat that girls' body image problems are "out of control".
She said celebrities and influencers on Instagram were harming young girls with "irresponsible" posts.

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