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Things you should do before selling your mobile phone

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Used phones are always stored with personal data and information, which you might not want to necessary discard. Be it Android or iOS device, you may someday decide to sell it off to purchase a brand new one. There are some things you really need to do before you can finally hand over your phone to a new owner, and they are:

1. Factory Data Reset: This process only takes some minutes. If you decides to erase all your personal information from the device, you can perform a factory reset that will make your phone looks like a new one.

2. Remove SIM and MicroSD: Contacts and call logs can be stored on your SIM or memory card and it is advisable to remove your SIM and microSD before selling your phone. This will ensure security.

3. Remove All Accessories: The extras and accessories that comes with the phone should be removed because you can make use of them. They might be compatible with the new phone you are buying, unless you have already told the buyer you would include them.

4. Clean The Device: Making the device clean and neat is a nice gesture; that will make the buyer feel like he is getting his money’s worth. You can wipe of the screen, clean the ports and remove any dusts or build-up to make the customer feel happy.

5. Backup Your Data: You can backup your data like videos, music, pictures and many others on Google drive or iCloud, since you are not handing over your phone with all your data. This will enable you recover them up on your new device.

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