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It’s quite obvious that Wande Coal has been struggling with promoting his music. He doesn’t seem to have that push he used to get under his former record label. When he was under Mavin Records, all he had to do was sing, while Don Jazzy handled the promotion and production aspect. His last hit songs under Mavin are “Kick,” “Rotate.” He hasn’t been getting the usual attention.

Skales lacks a strong record label for promotion. He releases his music anyhow now. Empire Mates Entertainment helped him structure his craft. His output reached his target audience to the maximum then. But now, there’s no form of anticipation when it comes to Skales and his music.
Lil kesh used to be hot cake under YBNL. Olamide and YBNL as a whole gave him just the right amount of push. Unlike when Lil Kesh was under YBNL, Lil Kesh lacks promotion, audience and awareness. Most people don’t even get to know when his songs drop anymore. He’s makes good music no doubt, but what is good music without the right amount of promotion.
Reekado lacks promotion basically. He is a very good singer no doubt. I mean you can’t be a record label owner and a singer at the same time. You need lots of concentration on the Label, as well as focus on your output. He owns Banks Music but that Don Jazzy factor is still missing.
We honestly do not know where to place Coker. He stikes are like an unserious artist, who lacks a sense of direction. This makes it difficult to know where he stands. This minute he’s shouting Choc City, the next he won’t stop saying Coke Boy. He really needs to stop confusing the audience. I guess his lack of direction is why he is nowhere to be found.
Chidinma has a good run after she emerged winner of MTN PROJECT FAME. But sadly, she joined the wrong gang. Capital Music, which belongs to ILL BLISS is one of the major issues Chindma was faced with. Capital Music is an unserious record label. Chidinma left and delved into gospel music, a mistake she should’ve have made. We all know her to be a pop singer, why try to be what you are not – a vocalist.
Vector has been for a long time identified with YSG. And so when the issues that caused him to leave arrived, it because hard for him to continue at that pace. He was ignored for a long time in the industry. I mean most people wonder if he is still out there. The name ‘Vector’ hasn’t felt the same since he left YSG. He lacks a strong label direction which leaves us to wonder why he left YSG, without a backup plan.
When Ice prince left Chocolate City Entertainment, it was almost like fame left him. Ice Prince used to get a lot of hype when he still belonged to the record label. Now he lacks promotion and good production. He puts in the effort to make good music no doubt, but we all know how good music with great promotion ends.
Bruno had issues with Chocolate City Entertainment and   Left. He is a great singer and an amazing songwriter but it’s been hard for him to push his music as much as he used to when he was under the label. The attention has fazed off.
10. D’BANJ
For a long time D’banj was recognized with a Don Jazzy. The dye made a great team and gave us hits back to back. When D’baj Left Mavin, it told a lot of him. He hasn’t been able to make as many hit songs as he used to in the past. He didn’t have a back up plan before leaving. We not saying he is doing badly on his own, but he would have done better if he was still under the label. All that attention and hype he used to get back then has kind of washed off.

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